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Tangent Chardonnay (Un-oaked), 2011, Edna Valley, California

13 Aug

DSCN1784-001This is some absolutely glorious Chardonnay for the money, and a perfect retort to anyone who believes all California Chardonnays are the same (or that they simply don’t like Chardonnay). Tangent sourced all the fruit from Paragon Vineyard, and there is a definite sense of the terroir here–all minerally signal, unsullied by oaky, buttery noise. Bright, fresh and crisp with a rich mid-palate. Aromas of pear and apricot continue in the mouth, alongside honeydew melon and and a subtle hint of marshmallow. The finish is long and lean, showcasing the wine’s bracing minerality. A perfect accompaniment to a range of dishes, from a simple roast chicken to cassoulet, but with wine this good and this affordable, you should feel free to crack a bottle whenever the mood strikes. $16