Check out the results from our 2nd Annual Chili & Wine Showdown!

5 Nov

Chili Showdown 2014 01Don’t miss our FREE in-store tasting this Saturday, our Chili & Wine Showdown! Brian, Adam, Nathan and Peter will be bringing their signature chili recipes paired with personal favorites from our cellar–and YOU get to vote for your favorites!

Welcome back to our wine tastings   April 6&7, 2012UPDATE: The votes are in, the chili is gone, and the people have spoken. Click the thumbnail at right for our tasting and pairing notes. Here are your winners!

Best Chili

4. Grilled Chicken & Tomatillo Chili (Adam)

3. Pork Green Chile (Peter)

2. Buffalo Chipotle Posole Chili (Brian)

…and your winner, by popular vote…

1. Stout-Braised Short Rib Red Chili (Nathan)

Best Wine

4. Anko Torrontés (Peter)

3. Lote d Syrah by Polkura (Adam)

2. Assobio Portuguese Red Blend by Esporão (Brian)

…and the crowd favorite…

1. Remo Farina Valpolicella Ripasso (Nathan)

Best Pairing

4. Grilled Chicken & Tomatillo/Lote d Syrah (Adam)

3. Buffalo Chipotle Posole/Assobio Portuguese Red (Brian)

2. Short Rib Red/Valpolicella Ripasso (Nathan)

…and the revelatory pairing from our new guy…

1. Pork Green Chile/Anko Torrontés (Peter)

We’d like to thank all 100+ taster/voters for their participation, and their dutiful examination of our skills with slow cookers and wine pairings. Fun was had by all and much was learned, not least of which that the crowd favorites for Best Chili and Best Wine put together don’t necessarily trump a perfect pairing like Torrontés and Pork Green Chile. Think about that when you’re making tamales over the holidays, and remember: Anything beer can do, wine can do better. Cheers!


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