Did you dig our Chili & Wine Showdown? Here are the recipes.

5 Nov

chilesThree men entered the arena with delicious chili and wine pairings. Only Brian Wood emerged victorious! His Colorado Elk Chili was deemed the crowd favorite over stiff competition from our other contestants. If you didn’t make it to the store on Saturday (or if you did, and you want to know our secrets), here are the pairings, write-ups and recipes. Bon appetit!

Nathan’s Carne Adovada (New Mexican Pork Red Chile)

Pairing: Amizade Godello

Nathan says: “New Mexican red chile is beautiful stuff, tangy and earthy and subtly spicy, and the pork adds a bass note that really resonates. I picked this Godello, a Galician grape that’s due some spotlight, for its minerality, salinity and crisp citrus fruit. It’s some delicious, uniquely refreshing wine for a unique style of chile.”

Brian’s Colorado Elk Chili

Pairing: Concha y Toro Gran Reserva Carmenere

Brian says: “Chilean Carmenere splits the difference between the tannic structure of Cabernet and the more rounded mocha notes of Merlot. I went with CYT’s Gran Reserva for its spicy earthiness to go with spicy chili and gamey fresh elk.”

Jordan’s Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Chili Con Carne

Pairing: Carlin de Paolo Nebbiolo

Jordan says: “Nebbiolo done in this approachable style shows bright red fruit with earthy undertones on the palate. Bright acidity and plush tannins make for a great pairing with a mildly spicy beef chile con carne.”


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