Armand de Brignac Champagne, France

30 Oct


Armand de Brignac Champagne is not prized for its subtlety. It’s bold stuff, from the package to the wine inside. But beyond its iconic presentation—the chrome-plated bottle, the hand-stamped pewter labels, the black wooden case lined with velvet—exists a family with deep roots in the Champagne region.

The Cattiers have been grape farmers in Chigny les Roses since 1763 and winemakers since the early 20th Century. They’re recognized for their limited-production boutique sparklers, impressing both tough critics and discerning Champagne connoisseurs. Armand de Brignac is one of the finest têtes de cuvée they oversee.

And it is all that! Each Armand de Brignac bottle is hand-made to the most exacting specifications, just like the wine. At $350-$550 per bottle, such perfection is to be expected. This is make-a-statement wine, no exceptions. We’ve all tried it, and let us assure you: it doesn’t suck.

See what’s behind some of the world’s most luxurious sparkling wine!

Brut – $350

Blanc de Blancs – $550


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